New Year, Same Dream……….

wordpressHappy New Year!  It is both inspiring and disheartening to me that it is 2013.  A new year reminds me that I really expected I would be pregnant by now, or holding my child.  Yet, on the other side, a new year brings with it hope that, this is the year I get my dream, my miracle- and get to become a Mom. 

I am thankful that at least I am starting out trying right away in this new year.  Today is CD7.  Last day of clomid 100mg.  My previous IUI was clomid 50mg, and I had 2 mature eggs.  So, I am really hoping I get 3-4 which is what I read gives you the best chance of pregnancy.  I also am doing my Red Clover Tea, which I keep reading is wonderful for fertility.  Started prenatals back up.  So, in about a week will be IUI #2.  I knew that if number 1 would have worked it would have been pretty lucky, so with this being number 2- I almost have more faith.  Plus- oddly- the way things were for that IUI were “odd”.  For instance, all my follie ultrasounds in the past have showed many follicles on both- but mature always on right- I think once I had 1 maybe mature on left, and 2 mature on right.  Well- IUI #1 I had NONE on right, and 2 on left.  Plus- I did the trigger shot only 22 hours pre-IUI.  I was SO worried that I would ovulate before the IUI that I pushed it.  BUT- nearly all I read from people doing clomid-HCG trigger-IUI, they wait about 36, and I am scared to do that but- obviously pushing for it to be early didn’t work so I have to get out of my own damn way and just trust and believe.  I need lots of reminders to do that though. 

To all of my virtual friends still TTC, my hope for 2013 is that this is the year that you get your miracle(s), that the dream of being a Mommy is no longer a dream.  That the fear of never becoming a Mommy leaves you.  So- Baby Dust, Hope, Prayers, and Positivity to all of you.



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