CD10 today, tomorrow is follicle ultrasound…..


Well, Today is CD10.  I was panicked because I usually have my first follie u/s on day 12 which is a Sunday.  I had called to schedule- hoping for today- and was told the order said dayds 12-14.  So, I had to contact my GYN, she changed the orders to anywhere from day 9 to 14, but recommended Saturday.  One of the Hospitals associated with this clinic chain does ultrasounds on weekends so I scheduled for Saturday (tomorrow) morning.  But- b/c it is not in my GYN’s office, I have to have them page the on call OB to review, so I know how to proceed, and that concerns me a little- trusting someone else to make a determination that could make or break this cycle.  But- hopefully, the person makes the right call.  I do feel some pelvic pain, which I hope means I am growing some good follies- I am just hoping and praying for 4 good ones…… and then I start to worry about the timing…. I say this often but I am telling you- how is ANYONE born, once you are in the fertility thing- you know so much about how the body works- and how “by chance” things are- and how actual little time you have to get sperm/egg to meet- and even if they meet- do they fertilize.. I mean- seriously- everyday I look at people thinking- how are we all here!  But- then it changes and it gives me hope.  I was moody/sensitive on 50 of clomid- the 100mg I didn’t think was working but- now I see it most definately has affected my moods…….  So, please pray, send me good vibes for some good looking follicles tomorrow!


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