Ok, this cycle just gets more and more confusing!  I don’t know what to do.  And, stressing over it I do realize isn’t helping but I am unable to stop. Fertility meds definately affect me, and dare I say- make me appear very crazy, the picture above is truly my reality right now!

So, I am CD12 of IUI cycle #2.  I had my follie ultrasound yesterday, CD11.  Because it was a weekend, and I have a GYN, not RE, I had to have it at an affiliated hospital,and my GYN said- have the tech page the on call OB-GYN to review and advise on how to proceed.  The tech told me I had 3 follies that looked like they would ovulate (with trigger).  2 on right, 1 on left.  One was 21 almost 22, the other 2 I don’t remember but I know both were above 15, I want to say one was 18 and one 17.  Anyway, about 45 minutes after I leave I get a call from the on call OB and she tells me- “I don’t really know what to do here- so I have been reading the my chart messages from you and Dr. S (my GYN)” I told her what was going on and I needed to know if I should trigger, or have another ultrasound.  Honestly I was surprised, b/c at CD 11 I expected to have very small follies.  Every day 12 u/s I Have never already ovulated, and usually trigger that night or next day, but- last one- my first IUI, I had to return in 2 days (CD14) for another u/s, triggered that same morning, had IUI 22 hours later.  IUI clinic ONLY does IUI at 8am.  But- back to this cycle- the on call OB says to me (verbiage may not be exact but pretty close) “I have to admit, I have never dealt with this before, I asked another doctor and he hadn’t either, so I don’t really know- so I looked online for advice and it said 3 or more follicles to cancel the trigger shot”.  So I said- if I don’t trigger, will I even ovulate, or will just the one biggest one ovulate?  She said “I don’t know, but I mean cancel the IUI, your risk of multiples is to high.” I told her I have had 3 before and gone through and she said “yes but, it’s the size I think, and since I have no experience dealing with this, I am going with what I saw online, I’m so sorry….but your Dr. S is on call tomorrow, if you want you can call the hospital and ask to have her paged and call you and you can talk with her b/c I don’t know enough about it- but I can’t recommend proceeding or advise you on how to with  what I read”.  Ok, I didn’t bother to tell her that with 50mg of clomid I get2-3 follies everytime and that is why my Dr. S raised it to 100mg- for MORE!  But- before I even get to my questions for you all, let me say- WTF! are you fucking kidding me (sorry if language offends anyone)- you are an OB-GYN for a reputable local health system and you have NEVER Dealt with this, you don’t know about ovulation with a trigger shot- or even without what would happen? Is this even possible? I mean- I can’t even wrap my head around it.  But, I would have went ahead and triggered that night and talked to my GYN Monday (Tomorrow), and call for IUI for Tuesday morning, except my dumb ass forgot to pick up my trigger shot.  The insurance I had covered infertility tx and meds, but had to use a specific specialty pharmacy.  THey already ran it through my old insurance.  So, to get a trigger today- I would have to pay out of pocket a couple hundred.  I haven’t called my doctor yet or I mean, called to have her paged, I don’t want to bug her, but I am afraid if she is on call today she is off tomorrow and I won’t be able to do anything.  So… what to do… I think I will have her paged, and ask her if I can trigger tomorrow morning, and also have an ultrasound tomorrow, to confirm I havne’t ovulated yet, so I don’t waste the DS I already had shipped.  But- I don’t think I will get a same day ultrasound appt. so I have to just pray I won’t have vulated already by tomorrow morning CD13.  Id be surprised if I did, but yyou never know- I still have ovulation pains, which is good, no fertile CM but clomid can change that.  So- I need advice. 


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