2WW, CD 19, 5-6 days post IUI (depending if you count day of)

Wow, here I am in the 2ww of my 2nd IUI.  I had thought I had posted since my IUI but I guess I haven’t.  I have had so much going on, which I think has helped this 2ww so far, but, I am not even done with week 1. 😦 

So, if any of this is repeated from my last post, I apologize, as I didn’t read it first.  I was up in arms after my CD11 follie ultrasound, with the on call GYN saying she never dealt with this but what she read says cancel my cycle, to my GYN calling me Sunday without my paging her and saying go ahead, (she did say, if I were younger she would of cancel it…that is so bittersweet b/c I am glad it wasn’t cancelled but it was a splash of cold water of the age ‘thing’… I am 39 by the way).  She did tell me not to trigger however, she said she thought the 3 mature eggs would all pop without it.  I disagree with that, and told her I would not trigger.  She also ordered an ultrasound for me if I wanted prior to the IUI.  I did trigger however Monday morning at 9:05.  Pharmacy opened at 9am, I had my best friend “Tyler” shoot me up in the car in the parking lot.  I decided against the ultrasound, with the fear that I had more than 3 eggs and the doctor would cancel the cycle.  THe tech had only told me the mature eggs I had at the time of the ultrasound so it is possible between day 11 which is early for me to have an ultrasound by a day, and IUI day, I would maybe have more than 3 mature eggs.  So… Tuesday morning I went in bright and early for my IUI, and I got the doctor I wanted, the one who from what I was told pioneered the IUI program at this health system, and works with single ladies wanting to be mom’s, as well as the GLBT community.  I did tell her I triggered, but left out the part of Dr. S saying not to. THis one hurt, which I took as a bad sign, meaning ovulation wasn’t imminent, but I had been having ovulation pains for a cople days, including that morning.  She said she used a smaller but longer catheter, to help it go in slower, and really what hurt was the speculum to be honest.  She said my CM was very fertile, and I was surprised by that but very happy.  She said everything looks great for timing, and with 3mature eggs, I have done all I can do for this cycle.  By that evening, my ovulation pains had gotten alot less, and since then I have had only twinges, so I think I did ovulate that day.  And, amazingly, I STILL feel that this cycle is the one that will work.  Last IUI it was a forced positivity, I had to really try.  But this time, I woke up one day with it firmly in my head- it will work.  I have prayed for God’s will, and I have to say I didn’t think I would remain positive.  So, how do you count post IUI.  If I count the day of today is 6 days post, but if I count the day after it is 5.  Either way, I am comung to the implantation phase, and I have twinges that I keep thinking are implantation. OH, I forgot to say this part, so my first IUI- the sperm count from the donor was 9.2 million motile sperm.  This time, 41.4 million motile.  The doctor who performed the IUI and my Dr. S said Wonderful!  I realize that all 3 could fertilze and none implant, or, one could and not implant, but I just feel that I will get a positive result from this.  I hope I had more than 3 eggs mature, they say the best chances are 3-4 mature. But, as the doctor told me, it is now out o fmy hands, and oh how hard is that…… I mean, the thing I want most in the world, the only thing I want, I need, is the one thing I have no control over what happens with it.  Just wait.  But, hopefully I will stay positive and that will help.  My biggest fear is that I messed the timing up by triggering but the doctor said the best indication is the CM, and my cervix was full of fertile CM she said so… I am going with that. 🙂

On another front, my boss has taken another job.  I applied for hers and I got it.  THis is a significant pay increase for me, it comes with alot more responsibility as it is management, and on call 24-7, but financially I need this.  I officially start the 21st. which coincidentally is the day  before AF is due.  SO, it will be a huge week for me!  My boss has started to show, and has gotten an ultrasound that she keeps with her and shows.  I am so happy for her, but moments it is hard seeing her now showing.  But- I have said to her- I think I will be right there with you soon enough, and I believe it.

Thank you for all your sup[port.  I hope that as I continue to post, it stays positive with a positive outcome.


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