I am sad to post this, because it just makes it hit home even more that my 2nd IUI resulted in a big fat negative!  I had so much hope for it, and I really believed I would end up pregnant.  Unfortunately, my insurance changed and I no longer have fertility coverage, at the same time I want to go to an RE.  I think I may do one more IUI with my GYN with clomid.  I made an appointment with an RE- first available was March 4th.  So- obviously this months cycle I have to skip- financially and I am already past when I would have started meds.  Well, March 4th is day 14 of the next cycle!  SO, if I wait- I would have to skip 2 in a row.  And, I don’t even know if the RE will agree to give me injectables, etc.  I do well on clomid- but- I just am so frustrated, I mean- if everything was good- timing, 3 mature eggs, good sperm count- and I didn’t get pregnant- what in the world would make me think it would work trying again?  So- I guess I am in limbo.  I hate not knowing what to do.


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