Long time no blog…..

I have not been on here in so long.  After the 2nd failed IUI and all my failed home insems I just was in a mindset of- if it was going to work  it would have.  But- I did decide to see another RE.  This time at a big medical chain, OB-GYN department that has one RE on staff.  After reviewing everything, he wanted to do an AMH anti mullerian hormone test which he said is the best way to see how much time if any I have, egg quality and reserve, without taking an egg out to see.  Prior to the test I said I want injectables.  He said, it depends on the AMH results.  If it shows my reserve is low, then he supports it.  If it is within normal range for my age, “if it were up to me, which it is not, it is up to you…… I would recommend doing 2-3 natural IUI cycles- no meds, just LH surge monitoring, and then if no pregnancy we will talk.”.  I was not liking that b/c I have already done clomid and trigger shot with both IUI’s and 2 self insems prior.  Why would I go backwords.  If age and money weren’t issues, I would maybe consider one natural. But- when I expressed this he said he isn’t saying he won’t do it but if my AMH is ok, more discussion is needed, I can’t just schedule an apt to jump in, so AMH came back normal, don’t know number off top of my head and don’t have access to it now. So…. now what… I don’t know. My normal GYN would do another clomid and trigger shot IUI, but- I’m so afraid it won’t work. One good thing is- I did say to the RE, how many eggs would you allow me to have mature before cancelling the cycle- he said 6. My GYN wont do more then 4, and her partners wont do 3 even so….. I’m glad with 6, good odds. I had good timing I think with IUI’s, but always was 24 hours post trigger, and maybe I should have waites 36, but both times they said my CM was fertile, looked great for timing. So thoughts advice? I need it.


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