Time to Active ‘Plan B’….

So, if you have read anything on my blog so far you know that I am a single gal, 38, using a sperm donor, a known sperm donor.  My donor, who for the purpose of confidentiality will be referred to as “Tyler” on this blog, (see blog named “Tyler” for more information on the donor)

In September of 2010, I started planning and I decided to go the home insemination route after doing some internet searching and finding out that not only are there many single gals doing this but many who have been successful and are now mothers!  So, I started using OPK’s (Ovulation Predictor Kits), and I got them on clearance and the control line wasn’t even appearing so I was so afraid of missing my window that I went ahead and inseminated on CD 11.  Then, my UPS package arrived.  I had ordered a “home insemination kit”, and in it were OPK strips, and wouldn’t you know on CD 15 (cycle day) I got the positive for my lh surge, so I was able to get another sample from my donor and inseminated again.  But, it didn’t work.

November came and I ended up missing my surge somehow and just skipped inseminating.

December I bought digital OPK’s, no more comparing lines for this gal.  I inseminated the day of lh surge.  I visualized the sperm meeting the egg, had a positive attitude.  Didn’t work.

On to January.  I somehow was not able to get my lh surge.  I started testing early, then ran out and missed a day, re-started the next day and never got my surge- so I took a guess based on all my other symptoms and inseminated on CD 15.  Today is CD 26.  I don’t hold much hope that this cycle was “it” however.  I have the usual “pms type cramps”.  I haven’t given up hope totally but as I said, I don’t feel that this was the one… 😦

On to June 2012:

No pregnancy YET.  I have decided to move to IUI, and Self insems at the same time- well- ok, not literally the same time- but- doing both to up my chances.  No IUI yet, keep getting pushed back for CMV results, but- hoping this summer.


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